Family Nutrition

As a mother of two myself, I understand the daily challenges that are growing and caring for children. From conception to university, each and every step, though hugely rewarding, can sometimes seem like an enormous challenge as we wade through the latest research on what is “best” for our children or the best way to tackle any unanticipated issues.

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist, I can help guide you through each stage and help you to be confident that you are giving your children and family the very best diet for their growth and development.


Individual consultations

I offer one-to-one consultations for individual family members including children, and these can be conducted at your home if within reasonable distance of my clinics and more comfortable for you and your child.

Suitable for:

  • pre-conception and fertility
  • pregnancy
  • post-natal recovery
  • weaning
  • individual health concerns for a child

Family health package: £255

This is a package of three consultations:

  • 90 minute initial consultation at home. By meeting with you and discussing your family as a whole, as well as any individual health concerns or issues, I will get a deeper understanding of your lifestyle and how to use nutritional therapy to help you. This session is invaluable in ensuring I offer practical and reasonable suggestions to help you in achieving your family’s nutrition and health goals.
  • 60 minute follow-up session after 2-4 weeks in one of my clinics with one or more members of the family (as is suitably practical). Here I will build on the suggestions of the first session, offering meal plans, shopping lists and recipes to further support your family towards achieving your goals.
  • 30-45 minute Skype or clinic session after a further 4-6 weeks to discuss progress so far, and provide practical modifications to the plans to leave you feeling confident in how to manage your family’s nutrition and health moving forward.

Classes, talks and workshops:

I run regular nutrition classes for pregnancy, post-natal recovery, weaning, and children’s health. Please see Events for a list of upcoming events.