Family Food Workshop

Saturday 23rd November, 5.30 – 8pm
Lu-Ma Cafe, 43 Worple Road, Wimbledon

  • Build your knowledge on how to feed your family well with the practical skills needed on a daily basis
  • Learn what to put on the shopping list, what to keep in the cupboard, and top tips for boosting the nutrient value of everyday meals
  • Gain confidence in how to meal plan and create a nutritious family menu to support good health for the whole family
  • Be inspired with healthy and delicious recipes and tasters

This workshop builds on the principals covered in the Children’s Nutrition Workshop but also works as a stand-alone for those looking for inspiration and guidance in how to practically implement a great diet into family life. In addition to the above, I’ll be recapping the key themes I use for a flexible yet healthy family diet, and addressing some of the key challenges that we face as our children start to grow up and begin making their own food choices.

£40 per person