Eat to Thrive

Looking for fad-free nutrition advice?
Fed up with the confusing recommendations and sensational headlines?
Want to eat more healthily without having to give up all the foods you love?

Join me for a series of six interactive workshops that will help you make sense of the sea of confusing dietary advice, equip you with fresh ideas and help support your long-term health.

This is just the course you’ve been looking for…

Knowledge is power, and that’s why I designed this six-week series of workshops to put nutrition science into easy-to-understand terms that help you to confidently choose, prepare and enjoy healthful yet delicious foods that you can buy in your local shops and won’t cost the earth. I’ll take the stress out of meal planning and teach you how to increase the nutritional value of your favourite recipes, all in a small setting with a group of like-minded individuals.

Each week we’ll cover a different topic:

Week 1: Digestion – you aren’t just what you eat, you’re what you absorb too!
Week 2: Eating for energy – the truth about sugar, carbs and caffeine
Week 3: Why fat won’t make you fat (and may just be what’s playing havoc with your hormones)
Week 4: Detoxification – busting the myths of the detox diet
Week 5: Boosting immunity and addressing inflammation (is it the root cause of all chronic disease?)
Week 6: Lifestyle Medicine – how sleep, exercise and stress management are the perfect condiments for our diet!

Week 6: Lifestyle Medicine – how sleep, exercise and stress management are the perfect condiments for our diet

Aside from accessible science, you will also learn how to properly read food labels, what to keep in your cupboards and how to create healthy and balanced meals. Plus you’ll get tasters, recipes and meal plans to give you a head start in making healthy changes. Finally, you’ll be invited to join the exclusive EAT TO THRIVE closed Facebook group with extra information, inspiration and tips, and become part of a community that will support you now and long after you finish the course…

Whether you want to lose weight, increase energy or just feel like your vibrant self again, learn to EAT TO THRIVE!

Thursday 2nd May – Thursday 13th June 2019 (excluding Thurs 30th May)
7.30 – 9pm
Lu-Ma Cafe, 43 Worple Road, Wimbledon SW19 4JZ
£99 for all six sessions

Due to unforeseen circumstances I have had to cancel this course. My apologies again to those of you who wanted to join. I will get new dates scheduled asap, so if you are interested in joining, please contact me as soon as possible on 07766 762 958 or via email

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what past participants have to say about EAT TO THRIVE:

“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful course that you put together and what it’s done for me. I found it so useful.  I cook a lot but was struggling with ‘too much information’.  You helped me figure out the priorities and make permanent and such beneficial changes.” Kay, Feb 2019

“Catherine is so knowledgeable and her passion for the subject matter really shines through. She is super helpful and never seems to judge and appreciates that everyone in the group is coming with their own needs and limitations.” October 2018

“I’m really enjoying the course and am finding it a huge motivation in encouraging me to eat more healthily. It’s making me more aware of what I’m eating and what I need to put in my body to be as healthy as I can be. Catherine is extremely professional and her knowledge shines through during the course.” Eliska

“I wanted to be better informed when choosing foods for myself and my family. The course more than met this and provided me with lots of facts / information that I had no idea about. For example, to learn how to minimise eczema / asthma symptoms – the eczema on my hands has almost all gone and my gut seems much healthier than it has been.” Kate, Jan 2018

“Catherine is very knowledgeable and approachable. The course was delivered with enthusiasm and with class participation. The guidance given allowed participants to decide for themselves when and which elements to adopt to improve their lifestyle. Catherine’s pragmatic and holistic approach recognised busy lifestyles whilst providing the necessary information to participants. The weekly treats allowing participants to explore food and products was an unexpected pleasure.” Feb 2019

“A fun and interactive course introducing you to the importance of nutrition and diet to achieve optimum health. It is especially useful for learning about gut health and food intolerances. Catherine creates a nurturing learning environment and provides some fun and unusual food samples!” Shireen, Feb 2019

“Having lost weight but stagnated even with exercise I wanted to understand more about the science of food rather than just fads.  The course that Catherine ran explained the science behind what we eat and the impact on our bodies.   I’m a busy working mum and have managed to make changes to my diet and that of the children and feel better for it, one small step at a time.  Would highly recommend.  Lots of recipes, tips and encouragement have really helped to focus the mind!” Helen, Jan 2018

“I had to change my diet drastically due to health reasons and the course helped me a lot to embrace healthy eating and not think about what I’m missing out on.” Livi, June 2018

“I wanted to understand more about nutrition to try and piece together differing information I had about different aspects of nutrition & digestion. The course offered a great overview, focusing on a different aspect each week. Everything interweaving so you end up with a great broad view. Enabling you to make more informed decisions about how to feed yourself & your loved ones. A lovely setting and a friendly and informed course leader. I would definitely recommend it!” Jan 2018