About Me

I’m Catherine Pohl, the Nutritional Therapist and Registered Nutritionist (mBANT) behind Real Food Nutrition. I’ve always loved cooking and eating, but nutrition became an interest of mine in my early 20’s after I discovered the full impact it had on my health and energy as I embarked on a fast-paced city career. Fast forward a decade, and my interest was transformed into a true passion by the responsibility of bringing into this world and raising my two boys. This gave me the opportunity and courage to step away from what I was doing, and turn my new-found passion into a new career that could help me, my family and friends and the many others that I meet.

Why “Real Food Nutrition”? Because we are increasingly bombarded by dietary and health advice which is complicated, conflicted and downright confusing. Our lifestyles are busy and end up being driven by marketing and convenience. I want to help people take back control of how they feel by making informed decisions about what they eat. I want to help you to nourish your body with the simple whole and natural foods that it needs to make you feel amazing.

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A graduate of the world-renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition, I am a fully qualified, Registered Nutritional Therapist. I am a full member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), and belong to the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the UK’s regulator for complementary medicine practitioners. I also provide talks and workshops as a BANT Registered Nutritionist.

“Since registering with Catherine 12 months ago I have changed and improved my diet, given up smoking and started exercising regularly. Catherine’s professional advice, guidance and encouragement have been a huge factor in me making these choices and I would not hesitate in recommending her service. Thanks Catherine.” Patrick

“After coming through a hideous 18 months of illness and treatments I felt desperately unhappy about my weight gain (attributed to treatment and meds). I asked Catherine for help in gaining control and she couldn’t have been better if she tried. I not only understand about the nutritional value of what I eat but have embraced all of her advise and help. Thank you thank you thank you!” Lisa

“Catherine has given me the understanding, confidence and motivation to make a few simple changes. I’m a few days in but I can feel the benefit already.” Letitia